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A WireGuard® VPN offers maximum performance

Up to 16x
Faster than Nebula
Up to15x
Faster than OpenVPN
Up to14x
Faster than Tinc
Up to 5x
Faster than TailScale

What it Does

Netmaker automates a secure superhighway between devices, clouds, virtual machines, and servers using WireGuard®.

It blows past any NAT’s, firewalls, or subnets that stand between them.

Devices are scattered across data centers, offices, clouds, clusters, and more. Distinct networks separate them, each with different management rules. Connecting machines across environments means setting up gateways, firewalls, and tunnels, often manually.

servers using WireGuard

A secure overlay network spans all devices, wherever they are. Devices reach each other directly and securely. A central control plane manages all connections, giving full, declarative control of the network.

Graph of a fully-connected mesh VPN


Ahoy Games leverages the robust capabilities of Netmaker to establish secure and efficient connections among our backend servers, which reside in different data centers. The seamless and automagical nature of Netmaker has turned secure inter-server connectivity from a challenge into something that just works with ease.

Deniz Piri
Founder & CEO
Ahoy Games

Netmaker allows us to simplify and automate the management of WireGuard VPNs. We use it for Client Device and Server Management Access as well as Site to Site connections between Datacenters and Customer locations.

Pascal Mages
Open Circle

At O'Brien & Partners we love and use Wireguard all the time. Netmaker, as an Open Source tool, allows us to simplify and automate it's use. For that, a big thank you for your wonderful work!

Dominic O'Brien
O'Brien and Partners

Netmaker is a game-changer, with its intuitive interface and open-source flexibility allowing for seamless deployment and customization. I've witnessed firsthand how Netmaker simplifies complex networking tasks, making it a go-to solution for creating, managing, and scaling networks. Its ability to create decentralized networks effortlessly sets it apart in the world of network management tools.

Dobri Dobrev
System-Fuchs GmbH

We use Netmaker to provide access to security cameras at multiple properties, development and production IT hardware, and shared data storage. Previously we either couldn't provide these capabilities, or the connections were insecure. With Netmaker the remote administration of these capabilities is simultaneously simple and powerful.

Sam Morrison
Controls & Automation and Internal Support
Cleanflo Water Technologies

At our service, we prioritize security and performance, which is why we choose for a VPN solution based on the Wireguard protocol. We know setting up and maintaining a VPN can be a hassle, but that's not the case with Netmaker, our VPN of choice. Netmaker is not only a breeze to implement but also comes with a variety of fantastic features.

Thierry Fakkert
Metric Angel

We are a hotel company, and we have been using Netmaker to connect hotels with each other and give teleworkers access to the internal network in a secure, fast and easy-to-manage way for more than a year. It is wonderful software.

Systems Manager

By using Netmaker we can now use the internet as our Intranet! Netmaker has opened new doors regarding easy secured encrypted connectivity, we can now connect to areas which were really hard to reach. Netmaker was the last missing piece of the puzzle from our framework.

Cosmin Talos

Netmaker allows us to get Kubernetes working without lockdown from major cloud providers.

Nicolás Georger
SRE, Founder
SRE DevOps

We at Altum Technologies use Netmaker for our edge IoT connectivity, where Netmaker has streamlined management of VPN endpoints while being secure and reliable!

Antti Pollari
Chief Information Officer
Altum Technologies

Netmaker simplifies our networking at edge locations.

Moazem Hossen

Netmaker allows us to effectively implement remote access and edge device routing use cases that involve our edge network routers for public transport applications for railway and coaches. It provides a great feature set that surpasses conventional VPN implementations and helps our users to simplify their edge device deployments substantially.

Peter Honeder

Absolute Game Changer!!!

Timothy Petronello
Founder & CEO
Unwired Networks

how to create a Software Defined Network with NETmaker

Log into the dashboard or CLI
Create networks and add hosts to them using the Netclient.
Tell Netmaker how your network should look with features like  Egress, Ingress, Relays, ACL's, and more.
Netmaker sends this state to the Netclient agents running on your devices and servers.
The Netclient configures WireGuard and routing rules to match the desired end state.
Your distributed overlay network is now completely operational.

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A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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