Better uptime for connections


Failover servers will automatically route any peer-to-peer connection that isn’t functioning as expected, meaning you get higher availability for your network.

This can be used in place of the Relay, which is a manual feature.

Higher Availability

Whenever a peer-to-peer connection fails, the failover will take over the connection, acting as a relay between the two machines, giving your network a higher overall uptime.

Tough to Reach Places

Some machines just aren’t reachable with p2p. The failover handles these scenarios automatically. A relay can do this too, but must be configured manually, and you don’t always know when this situation will occur.

Fastest Route Selection

If you set up multiple failover servers, Netmaker will select the fastest one for any peer-to-peer connection, checking the latency of the connections.

How It Works


Select machines to act as Failover machines


When clients (netclient) report metrics, they report on any failed connection. They also report on latency between their peers.


When the server receives a failed connection metric, it will update both peers to use the failover machine with the lowest latency.


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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