Access Control Lists

Managed access between devices.


ACL’s provide a convenient way to allow or deny traffic between devices, and set default rules for when to allow or deny.

Network-wide defaults

Set the default network policy to allow or deny. Allow is a typical mesh network, and deny is a zero-access network. You must explicitly specify which devices have access to each other. Great for more secure environments.

Default Allow Host

Sometimes you dont want peer-to-peer access to particular devices. Perhaps you want to tightly control the traffic entering and leaving devices in a particular network. Here, a Relay can provide a reliable gateway to control that traffic.

Default Deny Host

In a default allow network, you may want 1 or more machines to be un-reachable by default. In this scenario, override the ACL rule for the host to deny, and now, no machines have access to the device unless you explicitly allow it.

Fine-grained Access Management

Our ACL’s graph allows you to explicitly turn on or off access between any two devices in your network.

How It Works


Set the ACL rule in Netmaker


Netmaker sends an update to affected devices


The affected devices either add or remove associated peers from their peers list


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