Private domains for your devices


Netmaker automatically creates private DNS entries for every machine on the network.

Netmaker also lets you create custom DNS entries.

Reachable domains for every client

Netmaker creates private DNS for every machine in your network automatically, using the format (for instance, computerA.mynetwork). This provides an easy way to access all devices without having to remember IP addresses.

Custom DNS

In addition to the default entries, you may want to create your own entries, and Netmaker lets you do this as well. For instance, database.mynet, for a host that has a database running on it.

How It Works


Entries are created in Netmaker and sent to clients (netclient)


Clients configure their hosts files with the DNS entries


Entries are also added to a custom DNS Server (CoreDNS), which can be optionally configured to integrate with your clients / environments.


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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