For MSP's and IT Service Providers interested in providing Netmaker to their customers.

Give employees secure access to internal networks and devices
Route devices' internet traffic through gateways in the office or cloud
Enable monitoring and managing of remote network traffic
Create always-on or on-demand network access, mix split-tunnel and full-tunnel
Set up networks for new customers in less than one hour
Save 12 hours a week on network management and configuration
Customize setup per-customer with low level configurations and controls
Segment network access across accounts
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Benefits of Netmaker

  • Establish secure links between your networks and devices, and those of your customers.
  • MSPs, ITSPs, and other B2B IT companies choose Netmaker because it allows them to easily automate and manage these connections centrally, making remote access a breeze.
  • Provides the low-level configuration options that IT administrators need to work with routers, NATs, LANs, Linux servers, and much more.
  • Netmaker offers licenses, or “tenants”, which represent instances of Netmaker. You will likely want to provision one Netmaker server per customer, to make the most use out of the platform, and to keep your customer environments separated.
  • For Netmaker partners, we offer bulk discounts on licenses, so that you can more easily scale with your clients.
  • Whether you require an on-prem installation, or use our cloud, all instances can be managed in your account console.


Account Management

As a reseller, you will be able to manage licenses for all of your customers at You will need to create 1 tenant per customer. This can be done either manually, through the dashboard, or using the API, if you wish to integrate this into your own platform. This process can be used both to create SaaS accounts, and On-Prem licenses. You will be responsible for maintaining accurate billing information to pay Netmaker for your licenses, and will be responsible for billing your own customers accordingly.


As a reseller, you will have certain obligations to both Netmaker, and to your customers:

Support: It is expected that you will be the primary support for your customers, and can escalate support to the Netmaker team if necessary.

No License sharing: A single license may support a single customer only. It is expected that you will not support multiple customers on a single License, tenant, or netmaker instance (SaaS or On-Prem)

Additional Benefits

  • 2 free, unlimited licenses, one SaaS and on On-Prem, for testing purposes only.
  • Direct access to the Netmaker team
  • Sales support for high priority customers/prospects
  • In some cases, we can provide custom licensing plans that align more closely with your customers’ budgets.

Who Should Apply?

If you are a managed service provider responsible for maintaining secure, efficient, and up-to-date IT infrastructures, the Netmaker Reseller Program is for you.


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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