User Management

Access and RBAC for your users.


Netmaker allows you to set up user access over any OIDC-compliant identity provider.

Users can have access at the admin level, network level, or just access to a gateway. Users with network access can log into the network using the auth provider of your choice.

Join the network using an auth provider

The netclient can authenticate using whichever auth provider is integrated with Netmaker, meaning your users can log into the network using your standard auth.

Access network via remote access gateway only

Users can be granted a limited level of access where when they log into the UI, they only see the remote access gateway. They can then generate a WireGuard config file, download it, and run it to access the network.

Set limits on access

You can specify which networks a user has access to, and how many hosts they can add to the network. Likewise, you can specify how many client configs they can create.

How It Works


Admin configures auth provider to integrate with Netmaker


Admin sets User and Group access in the Netmaker server


Users log into the network at their designated access level


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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