Remote Access Gateway

A convenient route into your private network.


The Remote Access Gateway allows machines that are not running the netclient to access the Netmaker network.

It also provides a convenient way to provide “remote access” to your network with minimal setup.

Easy and Universal Access

The netclient can’t run everywhere, for instance, iPhone and Android devices. The ingress gateway generates config files that can be run on any device that supports WireGuard. And today, most devices support WireGuard.

Remote Access Gateway

Many Netmaker admins prefer to use the Remote Access Gateway as a convenient way to provide remote access. It’s a single point of entry, and very easy for end users to adopt.

Access Goes Two Ways

The end device also becomes reachable over the gateway, meaning it can also be used to integrate machines to the network, for instance, a small IoT device, that don't support the netclient.

How It Works


Select the host that will act as a remote access gateway


Generate config files for the remote access gateway


Run the config files on devices using any WireGuard management tool, and they are now integrated with the network.

how remote access gateways work


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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