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Unify your devices with an ultra-powerful overlay network.
Netmaker is better, faster, and more secure.

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Performance is everything

Up to 16x
Faster than Nebula
Up to15x
Faster than OpenVPN
Up to14x
Faster than Tinc
Up to 5x
Faster than TailScale
What it Does

Netmaker automates a secure superhighway between devices, clouds, virtual machines, and servers using WireGuard®.

It blows past any NAT’s, firewalls, or subnets that stand inbetween them.

Devices are scattered across data centers, offices, clouds, clusters, and more. Distinct networks separate them, each with different management rules. Connecting machines across environments means setting up gateways, firewalls, and tunnels, often manually.

A secure overlay network spans all devices, wherever they are. Devices reach each other directly and securely. A central control plane manages all connections, giving full, declarative control of the network.

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how it works

Log into the dashboard or CLI
Create networks and add hosts to them using the Netclient.
Tell Netmaker how your network should look with features like  Egress, Ingress, Relays, ACL's, and more.
Netmaker sends this state to the Netclient agents running on your devices and servers.
The Netclient configures WireGuard and routing rules to match the desired end state.
Your distributed overlay network is now completely operational.



Netmaker connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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