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Metrics & Monitoring
User management + Access
Automated Failover
Private Labelling

Benefits of Enterprise


Metrics & Monitoring

Netmaker EE offers built-in network metrics for all machines in your network, including latency, connection status, and bytes sent/recived. It also includes data exports for Prometheus and Grafana, with custom dashboards


User Management + Access

Netmaker EE includes fine-grained user and group permissions, a dashboard that segments users by permissions, and VPN login with OAuth (even 2FA):

  • Give users the ability to "log in" to your VPN with restricted access
  • Limit the number of machines users can have on the network
  • Enable remote access VPN scenarios

Automated Failover

Netmaker EE enables Failover Nodes, which will automatically relay unreachable machines in your network. This creates better network health and helps you achieve 5 9's of availability


Private Labelling

(Enterprise Plan Only)
Add your brand to Netmaker, and give your users and experience that matches your business


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are

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