Get into hard-to-reach places


Not every machine is easily accessible, and maybe that’s for the best.

The Relay provides a reliable way to reach devices that are unreachable otherwise.

Reach difficult locations

Some environments have highly restricted firewalls and NAT’s. In such an environment, sometimes a direct peer-to-peer connection is impossible. In such scenarios, a Relay can handle communication to and from these devices.

Controlled access for controlled devices

Sometimes you dont want peer-to-peer access to particular devices. Perhaps you want to tightly control the traffic entering and leaving devices in a particular network. Here, a Relay can provide a reliable gateway to control that traffic.

How It Works


Select a Host to act as a Relay


Select the Hosts it will Relay


Netmaker sends out updates to the machines, telling the relay to route traffic for these devices, and telling the relayed devices to send all traffic to the relay.


A WireGuard® VPN that connects machines securely, wherever they are.

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