Introducing Managed Endpoints on Netmaker VPN

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February 5, 2024

Netmaker is excited to announce a new feature of the Netmaker VPN SaaS experience: Managed Endpoints.

Netmaker now deploys a dedicated endpoint for every account, which acts as a general purpose routing node for your VPN.

With Managed Endpoints, you can route traffic into, out of, and between machines in your VPN, without having to deploy your own device in the cloud. Here are some primary use cases:

Relay and Failover

Use your Managed Endpoint to route traffic between peers when a peer-to-peer connection cannot be established:

Relay: Set your Managed Endpoint as a Failover node, and traffic will automatically route via the endpoint when the default VPN route fails.

Failover: Set your Managed Endpoint as a Relay server, and specify devices which should always route their traffic through the endpoint, to ensure highly reliable connections.

Remote Access

Set your Managed Endpoint as a Remote Access Gateway, and use it as a reliable entry point to your VPN, for remote access from:

  • End users, who can log into the VPN locally from their devices using OAuth
  • Routers and other edge devices where the netclient cannot be installed

Internet Traffic

In combination with the Remote Access Client, use the Managed Endpoint as the exit node for your internet traffic. Or, put more simply, use Netmaker as a regular internet VPN!


We're excited for you to try out this new feature. Sign up today and give it a try!


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