How to add users to Netmaker SaaS

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June 20, 2024

With Netmaker, you can invite users to your tenant to use or manage the VPN. In this guide, we’ll walk through the process of inviting and adding users to Netmaker’s SaaS version, which is a little different from the On-Prem version. Each step is labelled as Admin or User, indicating if the action is performed by the administrator, or the user being invited.

Step 1 (Admin): Log In to 

Step 2 (Admin): Go to Manage Account

Step 3 (Admin): Click “Add User” in the Users tab

Step 4 (Admin): Enter the email address of the user you would like to invite

Step 5 (User): User must accept the invite

Your user must accept the pending invite before you can give them any permissions on the platform. They should receive an email like this, which will ask them to sign in and accept the invite.

Step 6 (User): Sign Up or Sign In 

If users do not already have an account, they must first create an account.

Step 7 (User): Click out of the “create tenant” screen if it appears

Step 8 (User): Click "Accept" on the invite

The tenant will appear with a login button, but they will not have any access yet. The admin must now grant them privileges.

Step 9 (Admin): If making the user an Admin, click “Make Admin” on the Users Screen

If this is the intention, you are now done, and the user can log into the tenant.

Step 10 (Admin): To grant VPN access only

If the user should only be granted VPN access, not platform access (for administrators), log back into your dashboard, go to the network, and go to the Remote Access Tab. Click “Add / Remove Users” on the Remote Access Gateway.

Step 11 (Admin): Attach the user to the gateway

Step 12 (User): Sign in with Remote Access Client

The user now has access to the VPN. They will need to download and install the Remote Access Client, following the steps in the docs. You can send them to for instructions. 


In this article we discussed how to give users Admin and VPN access to the Netmaker platform. The On-Prem version is a bit different:

  1. All User management happens on the Netmaker dashboard (you do not go to Account Management
  2. OAuth can be configured, so that users can sign up to your instance and get added as Pending Users, which Admins must approve
  3. No email invite sent to users
  4. You can create Basic Auth users directly on the platform.


For a full tutorial on creating a Remote Access setup, check out this guide.


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