Announcing Netmaker v0.20.1: Bugs-be-gone

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June 1, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of Netmaker v0.20.1, which brings significant enhancements to our landmark 0.20 release.

Bugs Be Gone: What's Fixed in v0.20.1

Netmaker v0.20.1 has a variety of enhancements and bug fixes over the 0.20.0 release, across the UI, Client, and Server.


Install script: improved the general stability of installs, and made the acquisition of SSL certificates more reliable
STUN and UDP Hole Punching: Improved the performance of STUN, allowing clients to connect more easily, and decreasing the number of missed connections


Docker netclient: The docker netclient was previously failing to work as an ingress or egress gateway due to iptables issues. This has been resolved.
QR codes: Issues with scannability of QR codes has been resolved.
OAuth/SSO: Issues logging in via OAuth/SSO with both the client and the UI have been resolved.
Client version number: Clients previously failed to update their version numbers in the UI after an upgrade. This has been resolved.

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