Announcing Netmaker v0.20.0: A brand new user experience

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Alex Feiszli
May 18, 2023

Today we have a very exciting announcement: 0.20.0 is out, and we have a brand new user interface!

A huge thank you to our fantastic front-end engineer Kwesi, who has been hard at work on this for months. In addition to this wonderful new UI, we have a few other exciting changes:

Reactive TURN

Relaying connections just got a lot better, thanks to our great engineer Abhishek.

A brand new installer script

Thanks to Tobias, the newest addition to our team, we have a brand new installer, which is now more safe, efficient, and functional.

Fully configurable Ext Clients

With the help of the amazing Matt, you can now modify most ext client fields, and add additional allowedips to the WireGuard config.

And one more thing...

SaaS is coming!

It is 1-1 with the self-hosted Netmaker. If you'd like to be one of the first to try it fill out this form:

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